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Wilderness is the greatest level of protection our nation can bestow on our public lands. Wild South believes that wilderness areas are vital to preserving the natural world.
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Our public lands need all the help they can get. Nowhere is it more important to lend a helping hand than in our precious wilderness areas.
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Our wilderness education efforts are rooted in the seven principles of Leave No Trace. Our goal is to help people make better decisiond to protect the wild.
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Wild South is dedicated to the science and practice of Conservation Biology. Our research efforts support state wildlife agencies and the protection and restoration of habitats.
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The Southern US is one of the most biodiverse regions in the world. Our Species Spotlights explore the many wonderful species that our public lands suppport.
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The Endangered Species Act exists to recovery species from the brink of extinction. Wild South works to make sure this law achieves this goal.
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Our public lands advocacy is sometimes referred to as "Forest Watch". We keep a close eye on projects proposed by land managers and work to engage local communities in the process.
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Wild South is committed to getting boots on the ground to help care for our public lands. Our stewardship work involves hundreds of people just like you.
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Wild South works across eight southern states. Our efforts focus on public lands including national forests, national parks, and wildlife refuges.
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Wild South's mission inspires people to enjoy the outdoors. So join us for a hke to see all that your publkic lands have to offer.
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While we spend most of our time exploring the woods and waters of our public lands there are many ways to enjoy the wild.
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Wild South hosts events all over the South to celebrate the wild and engage local communities.
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One of the greatest ways to enjoy the outdoors is to help preserve and protect your favorite place. Lend a "helping hand" today.
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To protect wilderness character Wild South has a thriving Wilderness Ranger program. This program engages volunteers to educate the public and protect wilderness values.
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Currently we have volunteer rangers in three wilderness areas and two preserves in Alabama. Help us protect these places through stewardship and community empowerment.
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Our North Carolina Wilderness Rangers are focused on stewardship of the Linville Gorge Wilderness. Our efforts are helping eradicate non-native invasive species.
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Our rangers in Mississippi work on the Black Creek Wilderness of the DeSoto National Forests. They conduct routine patrols to educate visitors and manage trails.
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