Who We Are

Protecting the South's Wild Places

Wild South is the leader in public lands protection in the Southeast. We inspire people to enjoy, value, and protect the amazing wild and natural places that belong to us—the public.

Welcome to Wild South

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  • Our Mission...

    We inspire people to enjoy, value and protect the wild character and natural legacy of the South.
  • Our Vision...

    People of all ages enjoy, appreciate and take responsibility for the care of our public lands now and for future generations. Our Southern national forests and parks are treasured places with clean water and air, abundant and varied wildlife, and functioning natural processes. They are connected to and enrich our quality of life and the social, economic, and cultural wealth of our communities. Wild South is recognized as a leading protector of our Southern public lands and biodiversity.
  • Our Values...

    We value the natural world and its role in our human communities, science-based advocacy, transparency and operating with integrity, a diversity of opinions and creative problem solving in decision-making, and a respectful worldview.
  • Our History

    Founded over twenty years ago, "Wild South" was born in 2007 from the merger of: The Southern Appalachian Biodiversity Project: a regional non-profit organization based in Asheville, NC, dedicated to empowering citizens to appreciate, defend and restore the native biodiversity of the Southeast. Wild South: a grassroots forest protection organization based in Moulton, AL, dedicated to inspiring individuals and groups to preserve, restore and enjoy the South's natural landscapes.
  • Our Region