Roosevelt-Ashe Society’s Conservation Awards Recipients:

Outstanding Leader in Conservation Outstanding Leader in Conservation (tie):
Mike Leonard: “Mike Leonard is one of our region’s most important environmentalists.”
Bill Thomas: “Bill Thomas’s presence and actions have been sterling ones in the fight for environmental causes.”
Outstanding Business in Conservation Outstanding Business in Conservation:
John Ager & Family Businesses: “Through every aspect of his personal and professional life, John has been a champion and philanthropic leader for the environmental stewardship of our vital mountain heritage.”
Outstanding Youth in Conservation Outstanding Youth in Conservation (tie):
Courtney Cochran: “Courtney is everything we hope for in a conservationist — principled, action-oriented, and unflagging in her determination to do the right thing.”
Chase Pickering: “Chase has and will continue to make a difference in the world.”
Outstanding Philanthropist in Conservation Outstanding Philanthropist in Conservation:
Fred Stanback: “Fred has invested time and money into almost every important environmental issue in the Southeast.”
Linda Blue Committee’s Choice Award:
Linda Blue: “Many have increased their environmental awareness and have increased efforts to implement environmentally sound gardening practices as a result of Linda Blue’s educational efforts.”