Our 2011 interns enjoy a sunny afternoon prior to an outreach event in Blowing Rock. From left to right: Allison Holloway, Tracy Davids, Giorgia Auteri, Tawnee Milko, and Janice Barrett.  

Giorgia Auteri

I started my internship at Wild South after graduating from Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs.

Allison Holloway

I began interning for Wild South the summer before my last semester at UNC-Asheville.

Tawnee Milko

Tawnee is pursuing her Master of Environmental Management degree at Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment.

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by Kealey O’Connor

Puma, mountain lion, panther, painter, and catamount all refer to the cat scientifically known as, better known as the Eastern Cougar. The fact that the cougar is an extremely elusive and solitary creature is most likely what led to this array of names.


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{youtube}r4f1vql9Nqw{/youtube} This video takes a quick look at Wild South’s internship program sponsored by the Stanback Conservation Internship Program at the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University. If…

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