The big trees, tall cliffsbeautiful waterfalls, and pristine trout waters of Harper Creek and Lost Cove need your help!

Before June 29, join Wild South as we ask the US Forest Service to continue protecting these special places.  Use this convenient online form to make your voice heard.  Let USFS know Harper Creek and Lost Cove deserve permanent protection.

Right now USFS is deciding whether or not to continue conservation of two of North Carolina’s wildest and most beautiful places.  For over three decades the forests and waters of Harper Creek and Lost Cove have been successfully safeguarded so that Congress can grant them permanent protection.  Today these lands are more beautiful than ever, but without your help they may become vulnerable to logging and mining.
Lost Cove Hike

Hunt Fish Falls, Lost Cove Wilderness

The economic benefit of today’s Harper Creek and Lost Cove is in tourism and in clean water supplied to the Charlotte area.  False claims of uranium deposits have been doubly debunked.  We now know that if we protect these forests we protect the economic future and quality of life in Avery, Burke, and Caldwell Counties.

But there will always be those whose narrow and near term interests appear more pressing than the needs of the public and future generations.  Don’t let their profits take precedence over your public lands.  Tell the US Forest Service NOW that these lands deserve a FUTURE.  Tell them to KEEP HARPER CREEK & LOST COVE PROTECTED AS WILDERNESS.

Here’s the link:

Tell USFS that North Carolina is depending on them to protect Harper Creek and Lost Cove as wilderness in the new Forest Plan.  Act today!  The deadline is June 29!

For the Wild,

Kevin Massey
Executive Director