April 2024 Trail Days

Spring is in the air!  Lots of different projects. Please RSVP for any dates that look interesting:

Apr 3 (Wed) – TRASH
Noli Cleanup at Poplar

Apr 6 (Sat) – CROSSCUT

Apr 10 (Wed) – CAMPSITES
Beauty Spot

Apr 11 (Thu) – DIG
Chimney Gap trail reroute

Conley Cove trail stuff then wildflower hike

Apr 16 (Tue) – BRUSHING
Stamping Ground

Apr 18 (Thu) – DIG
Chimney Gap trail reroute

Apr 20 (Sat) – HIKE
Lost Cove Creek scouting projects

Apr 23 (Tue) – BRUSHING
Stamping Ground

Apr 25 (Thu) – CAMPSITES + HIKE
Conley Cove campsite repair + wildflowers

Apr 27 (Sat) – DIG
Lost Cove Loop trail restoration

Apr 30 (Tue) – BRUSHING
Stamping Ground

March Photos!

LINVILLE GORGE TRAIL – A final push completed February’s efforts to rock armor the eroded stream crossing near Daffodil Flats.  USFS friends from the Appalachian Ranger District came down to train with rock and lend much-needed muscle.  Part of the fun was sawing off a slice of the oak where Matt’s crosscut saw was pinched so hard it left an imprint.  We gave it to him to hang up in his house — a small thank-you for all the tools he has generously sharpened and re-handled for the volunteers.


WILSON CREEK – Cathy, Jim, Joe, Mark, and Wes dealt with over a hundred graffiti tags on the concrete bridges along Wilson Creek.  The difference they made is amazing!


HICKEY FORK TRAIL – March was the final month for the winter intern crew.  On the Appalachian Ranger District’s Hickey Fork Trail, they benched a thousand feet, brushed a mile, dug 18 new drains, cleared 36 fallen trees, built 18 steps, and decommissioned two rotted bridges.  Ben, Michael, Nick, & Will have been outstanding — demonstrating exemplary teamwork and dedication.


CHIMNEY GAP – Most of the Chimney Gap project has been completed thanks to the winter interns.  But there is still a few small-but-tricky switchbacks to build near the top.  In March, Ben, Bill, Caroline, Chloe, Julie, Maddy, Michael, Nick, Pete, and Richard added yet another gorgeous vista to this hugely successful trail reroute.


LOST COVE LOOP – The Outward Bound Outdoor Educator Course joined Wild South for two days of service on Bee Mountain.  Recovering the historical route for the Lost Cove Loop, they worked rain and shine and had a great time as always.  Shout outs to Sasha, Jason, Edward, Kaleb, Fouzia, Katbird, Andrew, Jay, Dylan, Rich, Chris, Meg, Chase, Jon, and Julie.


CABIN TRAIL – Of all the trails in the rugged Linville Gorge, Cabin is the one that most deserves quote marks around the word “Trail“.  Hot, dangerous, unbelievably steep, and chronically snake-infested, Cabin is the fastest way down into the Gorge.  At the end of March, Christen, James, Joe, Jordan, Mike, Nick, and Suzy dropped in to cut out a bunch of fallen trees that were blocking the trail.

FOREST ROAD 496 – Southmountain Children’s Home and Outward Bound’s Semester Course joined Wild South for a profound day that touched all involved.  These kids went after the roadside litter with all the enthusiasm of an Easter egg hunt.  The young people from Outward Bound showed uncommon compassion for the little ones.  It could not have been a better day, and this lovely forest road now looks better than ever.


Wild South’s Community Conservation Corps is a network of Southern National Forest communities working together to care for the wild places they love!