Sipsey Fork 7-17-13 013

A mid-summer paradise on Sipsey.

This land is your land.

Come hike with us on August 3.

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Low Pressure Bridge on Sipsey Fork, Bankhead NF

Leaders:  Julia and Joe Bright

Distance:  Approx. 2.5 miles

Rating:  Moderately challenging

All ages welcome

Group size is limited and advance sign-up is required

For thousands of years, people in these Warrior Mountains have “gone to water” on what we now call Sipsey Fork.  For drinking, for floating dugout canoes, for bathing, for relief from summer heat, for making moonshine and for baptizing, this artery of life has been central to the cultures that have passed through it and lived near it.

Before the Highway 33 bridge was built over Sipsey, there was a bridge here that spanned the river at a much lower level.  All that remains now are the abutments on the banks.  Back then, this was a place to not only cross the river, but to swim, fish, picnic, socialize.   The sandy riverbanks and clear, cool flowing water and the surrounding forest make this a summertime paradise.

The hike to the river is about a mile on a Forest Service Road.  Then we cross the river, which will be about thigh-deep on an average height adult.  On the other side is a canyon and tributary that will be explored.  After the canyon, hikers will return to the river for lunch, swimming, wading, looking for critters in the water.

Expect to be wet on this hike.  Clothing and shoes need to be appropriate for hiking as well as being in water.  There will be slick rocks, so make sure footwear has soles with good traction.  Hiking sandals such as Keens and Tevas work great.  So do sneakers.

Bring a backpack with lunch, snacks, plenty of drinking water.

After signing up, meet at the Warrior Mountains Trading Company at 11312 AL Hwy. 33, Moulton, AL at 9:00.  Park on the south end of the building and come into the store.  Head toward the back of the store and the Wild South picnic table, which is where the group will gather at 9:00.

Ask questions and sign up HERE.