Shortleaf restoration, Holmes Chapel

Bankhead National Forest To Host Herbicide Workshop

So far in the restoration process, the Bankhead National Forest has used herbicides only in a limited way, mainly for the eradication of non-native invasive plant species.  The Forest Service would like to expand their use of herbicides as a management tool to achieve other objectives in the restoration process and include this tool in their management toolbox in future watershed Environmental Assessments (EA’s).  The plan for the Greater Collier watershed is now under development and will focus on Shortleaf pine restoration.

To help the public and stakeholders to submit informed comments in regard to proposed herbicide use in upcoming EA’s, The Bankhead District is hosting an herbicide workshop  on Saturday, August 10, to educate everyone and answer any questions or concerns that we may have regarding herbicides.  This will help to inform the planning process going forward.

The workshop will feature two knowledgeable and experienced experts in the area of herbicide use in forest management:  Dr. Andrew Ezell, Forestry Department Head at Mississippi State University and  Mark Hainds, Research Coordinator for The Longleaf Alliance and Research Associate at Auburn University.

The public is invited and encouraged to attend this event, and Wild South recommends that everyone who cares about the Bankhead National Forest and its future make plans to participate in this educational opportunity.  Details and the complete agenda are available in the “herbicide workshop” link above.