Twisted trillium by Sam Calhoun

Guided tour of Flint Creek Botanical Area and Indian Tomb Hollow Glade in the Bankhead National Forest

April 14

9:30 am.

Meet at the Wild South office at 552 Lawrence Street, Moulton, Alabama

Sign up at or 256-974-6166.  Advance registration is required.

Botanist Kevin England teaching in Sipsey Wilderness

Leader:  Botanist Kevin England

Distance:  Less than 1 mile walking

Level of challenge:  Moderately easy

This guided tour will be of special  for those with a fascination for the amazing botanical diversity of the Warrior Mountains.

At the first stop of this two-part outing, botanist Kevin England will teach participants about the native wildflowers that will be seen in the Flint Creek Botanical Area, a pocket of floral abundance in the northeastern section of the Bankhead National Forest.   A 10 or 15 minute drive will take us to the next stop, the limestone glade in Indian Tomb Hollow.

Kevin will give an update on the progress of the Bankhead National Forest Flora Guide and will have a copy with him to use in the field.

Both of the sites are very close to the road and parking and there will be only short distances of hiking.  Both sites are rough and uneven underfoot but mostly flat.

The hike will conclude in early afternoon.

Dogs are not allowed on this hike.

Bring lunch, snacks and drinking water.  We recommend the use of a permethrin product such as Permanone or Sawyers, which are sprayed on clothing a few hours before wearing and not on skin, for protection against ticks.

Footwear should be sturdy and protective for comfort and safety in areas where there are slick rocks, roots, rough ground and wetness.

After signing up, meet at the Wild South office (see address and map link above) at 9:30 a.m.

Wild South hikes are free of charge, but we do gratefully accept donations to support our Alabama Outreach and Education Program.  There will be a donation bucket on the picnic table in the office.  Thank you!