Do you love the Sipsey Wilderness? Are you passionate about taking care of public lands? If so, Wild South has a great volunteer opportunity for you!

Join us in conducting an inventory of campsites in the Sipsey Wilderness, in partnership with the US Forest service. Recreation impact within the 25,000 acres of the Sipsey has increased exponentially over the years. To address this issue, we will be measuring campsite size, vegetation loss, tree damage, and other indicators of impact.

By taking part in this project, you will….

  • experience rugged and wild off-trail places in the Sipsey Wilderness
  • meet other like-minded individuals that value public lands stewardship
  • learn how to navigate off trail using a GPS and/or utilizing reliable smartphone applications
  • improve your map reading and comprehension skills
  • learn about wilderness land management
  • give back to the public lands you love!

No experience necessary to participate! We will train you from the ground up, and provide the supplies you need to complete this important work. 

About Recreation Site Monitoring

Recreation site monitoring, (most often applied to campsites), is the systematic collection and evaluation of site inventory and condition data. This information helps land management agencies establish a baseline understanding of recreation sites within an area, and identify changes and trends over time. 

The primary purpose of recreation site monitoring in Wilderness is to provide essential information for identifying and minimizing the biophysical and social impacts on these sites. By minimizing impact, we can protect and preserve wild places and the living things that depend on them!

To get involved, or for more information, contact Kim Waites at

Kim Waites
Alabama Wilderness Volunteer Coordinator