Evergreen earth dayDisappearing Nature

By Ryan Rosenfelt

Grade 7 at Evergreen Community Charter School

Nature is changing and so is the human race. We are becoming more dependent on technology and are forgetting what nature provides us. Nature supplies us firewood, oxygen, and the simplicity of natural beauty. Our society has grown keen to covering up all of our flaws. Concealing our faces with makeup and putting on fake personalities almost as much as we put on fake eyelashes. We are doing the same thing with nature. Say nature out loud. Do you picture a beautiful landscape with the perfect blend of colors? Or do you picture trees being cut down, slash and burn, and the deforestation charts rapidly increasing? Nature is going to disappear. And nature already is dying off one tree at a time. When something you love dies, you think back to all of the fun memories you had together. When the last tree is cut down, the last leaf falls, the last flower droops, all we are going to remember is the constant struggle to have the beauty of nature we used to know. We all want nature to go back to the way it was. Just like we want people to stay true to themselves and show their natural beauty. And in that way, we are one with nature.

Someday there will be no nature and no humans. To whatever creature inhabits our earth in the future, we may not of even existed. They may find clues to our existence and infer, just like the way we believe Shakespeare was a boy. They’ll be told stories our our existence and nature. Nature.What a funny word. A word used to describe so many things. No moral compass pointing due north. Just a description of a blessing sent to us from above. A blessing taken for granted. We take so much from nature and never give anything in return. And yet we keep coming back for more and more, never saying thank you or even admitting we appreciate what nature does for us. I would like to live in a society where whenever a tree is a cut down, another tree is planted. Instead I live in a society where if trees gave off Wi-Fi signals everyone would be planting them everywhere. But no, trees only supply us with the air we need to breathe. If we keep treating nature the way we are my grandchildren and great grandchildren are going to be told stories of what a flower looked like or what a leaf is, and that isn’t fair to the future generations. We need to make a change and appreciate nature while we still have it.