Our Native Birds is the theme for Wild South’s Forests For Life Program this year.  Throughout March, Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge Ranger Daphne Moland presented a wildlife and bird program to students in the Lawrence County Indian Education Program in local public schools.

After attending the program, students made posters that were exhibited at the Wild South booth at the Alabama Chicken and Egg Festival in Moulton, April 12-14.  All entries were eligible for a random drawing for $50, and the Indian Education teacher of that student was also awarded $50.  Winner of the random drawing was Makaylee Smith of Moulton Middle School.  Her Indian Education teacher is Ms. Angie Smith.  The award money was donated by International Paper.

29Rapt-or attentionThe poster project is not a contest, but this year 3 students were acknowledged for the quality and creativity of their posters.  Chandler Konal, Montana Cole and Hunter Stewart each received a signed copy of Heather Montgomery’s book Wild Discoveries, Wacky New Animals.  Students in Speake’s after school program also participated in the poster project.

73Great posters

The goal of the Forests For Life Program is to teach young people about the importance of forests to humans and all living things, and how forests were important to our Native American ancestors.

Select Forest For Life posters will be exhibited at the Wild South booth at the Multicultural Festival at Oakville Mounds Museum in Danville, Alabama, May 17 and 18.

Wild South is grateful to all who make our Forests For Life Program possible:
Our individual donors, The Alabama Chicken and Egg Festival, Lawrence County Arts Council, and Legacy; and International Paper for providing the poster award.

A special thank you to Ranger Daphne Moland and Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge for her fantastic program; and to the Lawrence County Indian Education Program teachers.  And thank you to volunteers Mitzi Cartee, James Early and Johnny Early.

See more Forests For Life pictures HERE.  Click on Slide Show.

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