A few more photos from this year.  Good memories.  Great people.  Enjoy!


Sawing a fallen tree blocking the Limestone Cove horse trail in Unaka Mountain Wilderness.


The hard way is the only way to get tires out of the Nolichucky River!


Repairing the Dellinger Creek stream crossing with friends.


Cleaning up graffiti at Elk River Falls.


Kids of all ages love using the low-power explosives of the Microblaster.


New steps halt erosion at the Spence Ridge Trail river crossing.


Hey you, put that hard hat back on!


Toting locust wood for trail repairs.


Hundreds of post-wildfire pines cleared for Mountains-to-Sea Trail erosion control in Chimney Gap.


Friends carefully arranging boulders and pine straw to keep tourists from trampling endangered plants.


What is it with Tennessee and Twisted Tea?  Roadside cleanup on Unaka Mountain.


Clowning around on Bee Mountain.


Repairing campsites along Old NC 105.


1-2-3 pull!  Moving big boulders for erosion control at Table Rock.


Most tedious project ever! Cleaning up 19 tons of concrete bridge wreckage to restore wilderness beauty.


The Forest Service depends on Wild South to access the remote Nolichucky Gorge.  Here new personnel on the Appalachian Ranger District get their first look at the Noli.


Carefully crafting rock steps to look like they “just happened”.


Working hard or hardly working? Graffiti cleanup & Microblaster training at Brown Mountain Overlook.


There’s always a job for everyone!


Linda & Aram build a much-needed cribwall on the “Leadmine” trail.


Really?  MORE twisted tea?!  Cleanup at Beauty Spot on Unaka.


Making way for the horses on Limestone Cove Trail in Unaka Mountain Wilderness.


Packing iron rebar out of the wilderness, cleaning up the flood-wrecked concrete trail bridge.


Trash cleanup on the Noli at Chestoa.


Sharing the load.


Manuela traveled halfway around the world for rainy, muddy fun recovering the historical Lost Cove Loop Trail.


Forest Service fire personnel came out to build rock-moving skills.


Outdoor Classroom on Unaka Mountain.


Working together to remove TONS of tires from Wilson Creek.


Hiking tires up the badly eroded Pinch-In Trail, slated for repair in coming years.


Crosscut sawing fallen trees off the Linville Gorge Trail to reduce rescue and erosion issues during the busy daffodil bloom.


Joe demonstrates his amazing powers of levitation.


Danielle removes the last of the concrete from the flood-wrecked trail bridge in Linville Gorge Wilderness.


Working together on another trail maintenance challenge.


Doing the right thing.  Community cleanup on the Nolichucky River.


Wilderness river crossing with big crosscut saws and an icy Linville River.


Chimney Gap crew working sunrise to sunset on the cold winter days.


Wild South’s Community Conservation Corps is a network of Southern National Forest communities working together to care for the wild places they love!