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The Hellbender Wildlife Protection Campaign

Protecting and Celebrating our Uniquely Southern Wildlife Species and Habitats

*Thanks to a generous donation from our partners at Deltec Homes and an anonymous donor, your gifts will be matched — dollar-for-dollar – up to $10,000 !

Donate Today and help us reach our December 1 goal of $20,000 and help protect dozens of wildlife species and millions of acres of wildlife habitat in the South!

donate buttonThe Hellbender Wildlife Protection Campaign

Named for the iconic Hellbender Salamander, native to the cold, fresh mountain streams of the Southern Appalachians, The Wildlife Protection Campaign leverages matching donations and engages the public in the active protection of our unique and vital native species and habitats.

Wild South works across the South with boots-on-the-ground to protect and steward wildlife populations and habitats, including:

  • In North Carolina, Wild South works extensively on scientific wildlife surveys, most notably with the Hellbender Salamander, Green Salamander and Cerulean Warbler. Studies like this contribute to protection prescriptions and add data to guide policy. Our hellbender nesting boxes are now housing populations of the native salamander, creating useful data and providing great excitement!
  • In Tennessee, Wild South’s TN Wild campaign seeks 20,000 acres of additional wilderness to East Tennessee, which safeguards headwaters of the Tennessee River and unique habitats for species like the yellowfin madtom, smoky madtom and native trout species.
  • In Alabama, Wild South has a 20+ year history of protecting wildlife and wildlife habitat, particularly in the Bankhead and Talladega National Forests.
  • In Mississippi, Wild South won protection of 48,000 acres in the Noxubee Wildlife Refuge to protect Endangered Red-Cockaded Woodpecker and we maintain vigilance in MS!













 Illustration David Wilson – www.dwillustration.com