Sougahoagdee-Falls-Mike Mitchell

Wild South hikers at Sougahoagdee Falls          Photo by Mike Mitchell

Hike with Wild South in the Bankhead National Forest!

Saturday, July 30

Warrior Mountains Trading Company

9:00 a.m.

Sign up at or 256-974-6166.  Group size is limited and advance sign-up is required.

Destination:  To be decided according to rainfall and temperature.

Leader: Janice Barrett

Distance:  Approximately 4 miles roundtrip

Level of Challenge:  Moderate.  Not too strenuous because of heat.

It’s water, falling or flowing or a deep pool of it, that is the salvation of a mid-summer hike in Alabama.  That’s why we are waiting to see what the weather forecast looks like closer to the time of the hike before picking a route.  Destination will be posted here a couple of days prior to the hike.  Wherever we decide to go, it will be as wet (cool) as possible, amazingly beautiful and worth the sweat.

Here’s what we do know:

Be prepared for

  • rocky, rooty forest terrain with slippery rocks (make sure footwear is up to the task – no flip-flops or slick-soled shoes)
  • ticks (see “Ticks” below)
  • weather (watch the forecast, bring rain gear if needed)
  • extraordinary natural beauty (bring a camera)


  • a daypack with lunch, snacks, drinking water
  • Epi-Pen if severe allergic reaction to insect stings is a concern

Dogs on Wild South hikes:  Only dogs that are well-behaved, peaceable, that get along well with other dogs and humans are welcome on Wild South hikes.  Dogs must remain leashed and under owner’s control at all times and not be allowed to mooch food from other hikers at lunch time.  If dog poops on trail, poop must be picked up and discarded away from trail and any stream or packed out. There is a danger in Bankhead of dogs contracting Pseudo rabies from feral hogs.

Ticks:  The most effective protection against tick-borne diseases is the type of permethrin product that is sprayed on clothing.  Permanone (by Repel) and Sawyers are a couple of brands.  Spray on clothing (not skin) at least 4 hours before wearing (that) clothing.  It has no scent whatsoever.

Wild South hikes are smoke free, and we don’t just mean forest fires.  Thank you for not smoking.

Meet up:  After signing up, meet at the Warrior Mountains Trading Company at 11312 AL Hwy. 33, Moulton (map link above) at 9:00 a.m..  Park on the south end of the building and come into the store.  You will meet your group at the tables toward the back of the store.  On a table you will find sign-in sheets and a donation bucket.  If it makes sense for you to meet us at the trailhead instead, please indicate that upon sign up.

Wild South hikes are part of our Outreach and Education Program and are free of charge.  However, donations to our Outreach and Education Program are gratefully accepted and keep the program going.  Thank you.