January 2024 Trail Days

After a quiet year-end, trail days are back and there are lots to choose from.  Please RSVP for dates that look good, so we can keep you updated.

Jan 1 (Mon) – HIKE
New Years Day hike to Shinbone Rock

Chimney Gap

Conley Cove / LGT

Jan 8 (Mon) – TRASH
Poplar put-in on the Nolichucky River

Jan 11 (Thu) – ROCK WORK
Chimney Gap MST reroute

Annual Wolf Pit Trail Day

Jan 18 (Thu) – BLASTING
Spence Ridge bridge demollition

Jan 20 (Sat) – HIKE/BRUSHING
Overmountain Victory Trail

Jan 20 (Sat) – TBD
Wolf Pit rain date or Spence Ridge mop-up

Jan 25 (Thu) – MST REROUTE
wrapping Chimney Gap project

Jan 27 (Sat) – HIKE/TRASH
Grassy Creek

Jan 27 (Sat) – GRAFFITI
location is weather dependent, but looking at Pinnacle, Wilson Creek, or (as backup) Brown Mountain Overlook

Fall 2023 Photos!

In early October, the Outward Bound students helped recover the Lost Cove Loop Trail on Bee Mountain.  It’s a big project and we’ll hit it hard in 2024.


Blast this blasted non-bridge!  In October several teams worked to clear out the last of the flood-wrecked trail bridge on Spence Ridge Trail.  Using a huge hammer drill and explosives is fun, but it’ll feel good to move on to other cool projects.


Working sunrise to sunset, November through January, the new winter intern trail crew is doing some seriously heavy lifting to reroute the MST in Chimney Gap.  Let’s get out and lend them a hand in January!


This year’s efforts on the new Table Rock Climbing Trail were brought to a successful conclusion by these folks in October.  In a single season, over a hundred volunteers have moved TONS of rock to build an amazing 200-ft stone staircase.  This was a huge challenge — usually reserved for professional crews — but the community came together to halt the horrible erosion.  Their accomplishment will provide sustainable climbing access for decades to come.


A Christmas crosscut pickup game cleared a show-stopping hemlock off the Linville Gorge Trail.  There’ll be more crosscut sawing opportunities in the coming year.  Looking forward to getting out and practicing this important skill together.


Wild South’s Community Conservation Corps is a network of Southern National Forest communities working together to care for the wild places they love!