Another month, another Bumble Bee Challenge! This month we are awarding a prize to the Citizen Scientist with the most species uploaded to iNaturalist in the month of July.
Remember, everyone is starting with a clean slate so if you haven’t uploaded any photos yet, now is your chance to get involved and take home a Double Nest Hammock and straps donated by our friends at ENO!
July Challenge Rules:
1) Each species you find has to be “Research Grade” on iNaturalist to count. This means the better your pictures are and the more angles you provide, the better your chance of having that species be confirmed so try hard to get high quality images!
2) You cannot confirm and identification on your own observation, it must be confirmed by someone else. This means if you label the observation with the correct species and someone else confirms it, then you’re good to go! However, if you label it as “Bumble Bee” and then someone suggests an identification, you cannot then “agree” with their suggestion to make the observation “Research Grade”.