This June we are giving out a prize to the citizen scientist that submits the most Bumble Bee observations to our iNaturalist project! They don’t have to be rare species, we want submissions of even the most common Bumble Bees around. Any information we gather through this project will be integral to conservation of Bumble Bees in the Southern Appalachian Mountains. For all of you that have been submitting observations, keep it up, if you want to be involved, but haven’t taken that step to set up your iNaturalist account, now is the time!

The prize for the month of June is a copy of “Wildflower Walks and Hikes: North Carolina Mountains” by Jim Parham and a padded organizer donated by Diamond Brand Outdoors that will give you a place to keep all of your Bumble Bee searching supplies. Over the coming¬† months, we will have more prizes so keep checking back with us to see what next month’s challenge is!

If you aren’t participating and would like to get involved, contact