May 2024 Trail Days

Couple new things this month:

  1. Trail days are now also listed on the homepage.
  2. Wild South works closely with A Clean Wilson Creek, building the conservation community of the Wild & Scenic Wilson Creek watershed.  ACWC coordinates hugely successful river cleanups and trash bag handouts.  We’ll start listing those events here as well.

Please RSVP for any dates that look interesting:

May 7 (Tue) – BRUSH
Chimney Gap trail reroute

Repairs at Chestoa on the Noli

May 11 (Sat) – DIG
Lost Cove Loop historical trail restoration

May 14 (Tue) – BRUSH
Stamping Ground in Unaka Mtn

South end Old 105

May 19 (Sun) – DIG
Chimney Gap trail reroute

May 22 (Wed) – GRAFFITI
Unaka Mountain Wilderness

May 23 (Thu) – CAMPSITES
Bynum Bluff, Linville Gorge

May 25 (Sat) – CROSSCUT
Pine Gap, Linville Gorge

May 25 (Sat) – KIOSK
Wilson Creek Trash bag handout

May 26 (Sun) – KIOSK
Wilson Creek Trash bag handout

May 27 (Mon) – KIOSK
Wilson Creek Trash bag handout

May 28 (Tue) – TRASH
Wilson Creek River Patrol

May 30 (Thu) – GRAFFITI
Unaka Mountain Wilderness

May 30 (Thu) – CAMPSITES
Hawksbill – Sitting Bear

Jun 1 (Sat) – CROSSCUT
Lost Cove Loop

April Photos!

LINVILLE GORGE TRAIL – Joe, Danielle, Matt, Christen, Brian, and Vivian cleared some big trees off the LGT between Daffodil Flats and Pinch-In.


CONLEY COVE – James, Joe, Luke, Tova, Rachel, and Mike cleared fallen hemlocks, removed graffiti, and rebuilt campsite fire rings on Conley Cove Trail and along the LGT north to Cathedral Falls.


TABLE ROCK – The Outward Bound instructors joined Wild South at Table Rock.  The original plan was to re-dig fire rings for the start of the new season.  And we did get that done.  But then Mike from the Carolina Climbers Coalition appeared.  CCC is doing amazing work on the new climbing access trail around the base of Table Rock.  So the team helped haul dozens of heavy locust logs from the parking lot up to Devil’s Cellar for step building near North Ridge.


WILSON CREEK – A Clean Wilson Creek has been getting ready for the kickoff of the busy season along the Creek.  For years they’ve cleaned up tens of tons of trash.  There’s still a need for some cleanup, especially after big weekends like Memorial Day.  But they’re also having huge success greeting visitors across from the Brown Mountain Beach Resort and handing out free trash bags.


LOST COVE LOOP – Rhys, Christen, Danielle, Jeanie, Tova, Rachel, and Joe scouted future projects along Lost Cove Creek upstream of Huntfish Falls.  They found plenty of fallen trees and trail stream crossing erosion.  It’ll be a beautiful place to hang out this year with good folks doing good things for this wilderness area.


Wild South’s Community Conservation Corps is a network of Southern National Forest communities working together to care for the wild places they love!