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Wild Wednesday Video Series

By Wild South | August 19, 2020

Wild Wednesday nature hikes for kids and families This summer, Wild South’s popular Wild Wednesday hikes in the Bankhead National Forest and Sipsey Wilderness are being conducted in the form…

There is no curbside trash pick up in the Sipsey Wilderness

By Wild South | August 18, 2020

When we know better, we do better. Author – Janice Barrett Four wood nymphs and a troll, as our group was described by Robert Howell, Wild South volunteer, board member…

Adaptation in the Time of Pandemic How Wild South’s work in Alabama has changed – for now.

By Wild South | August 18, 2020

Once upon a time, in late winter of 2020, the simple and everyday acts of wrestling open the cranky door to our office with bare hands, stopping in at the…

Wild South Store

By Wild South | August 18, 2020

Wild South is excited to announce the launch of our new store in partnership with Opportunity Center – Easter Seals. The Opportunity Center-Easter Seals is a nationally accredited non-profit organization…

Wild Wednesday Episode 7 – Brushy Lake Recreation Area Part 2

By Wild South | August 12, 2020

Off the bluff trail and into the creek!  Wild Wednesday explorers Andrew, Maggie, Carlos and Anthony join Janice Barrett in discovering what lives in Brushy Creek below the 1930’s Civilian…

Wild Wednesday Episode 6 – Brushy Lake Recreation Area

By Wild South | August 5, 2020

This Wild Wednesday adventure is dedicated with great love to the memory of our friend Dave Hollaway – Camp McDowell’s Big Dave – who inspired us, entertained us and taught…

“The movement for the preservation by the nation of sections of the wilderness as national playgrounds is essentially a democratic movement in the interest of all our people.”

- Theodore Roosevelt,
Wilderness Reserves