putting the public
in public lands for 30 years.



Hands on Conservation

The sustainable future of National Forests depends on volunteer communities taking responsibility for the places that mean the most to them. Wild South empowers people to participate in the daily essentials of wild lands preservation.


Hands on Science

The South’s rich variety of plants and animals can only be conserved when people pitch in to inform and implement science-based programs. Wild South’s citizen scientists gather data to drive policy, and work together to tackle the challenges faced by their forests.


Hands on Advocacy

Public lands means public involvement in the projects planned on those lands. Wild South coordinates collaboration, researches the forest’s real needs, and makes it possible for National Forest communities to affect management of their land.


Trail Days

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■ May 7 (Tue) - BRUSH
Chimney Gap trail reroute

■ May 9 (Thu) - BUILDING STEPS
Repairs at Chestoa on the Noli

■ May 11 (Sat) - DIG
Lost Cove Loop historical trail restoration

■ May 14 (Tue) - BRUSH
Stamping Ground in Unaka Mtn

South end Old 105

■ May 19 (Sun) - DIG
Chimney Gap trail reroute

■ May 22 (Wed) - GRAFFITI
Unaka Mountain Wilderness

■ May 23 (Thu) - CAMPSITES
Bynum Bluff

■ May 25 (Sat) - CROSSCUT
Pine Gap

■ May 25 (Sat) - KIOSK
Trash bag handout at Wilson Creek

■ May 26 (Sun) - KIOSK
Trash bag handout at Wilson Creek

■ May 27 (Mon) - KIOSK
Trash bag handout at Wilson Creek

■ May 28 (Tue) - TRASH
Wilson Creek River Patrol

■ May 30 (Thu) - GRAFFITI
Unaka Mountain Wilderness

■ May 30 (Thu) - CAMPSITES
Hawksbill - Sitting Bear

■ Jun 1 (Sat) - CROSSCUT
Lost Cove Loop

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“The movement for the preservation by the nation of sections of the wilderness as national playgrounds is essentially a democratic movement in the interest of all our people.”

- Theodore Roosevelt,
Wilderness Reserves