From one end to the other, Earth Month was packed with Wild South activities, hikes, projects and educational opportunities in Alabama. The work of forest protection takes on many guises; it may look like a family taking a hike, or a Native American visiting an ancient sacred site, or a group of women practicing yoga under the deep green canopy of old Eastern hemlock trees. It looks like a volunteer wilderness ranger talking to backpackers about Leave No Trace, or putting out an abandoned campfire. Forest protection may look like a high school student viewing lichen through the lens of a magnifier, or it can look like the hard physical labor of crosscut sawyers clearing a trail.

These photographs are a sampling of Wild South’s Earth Month. Behind each of these photos is a deeply rooted foundation of daily dedication by Wild South staff and volunteers to uphold our mission to inspire people to enjoy, value and protect the wild character and natural legacy of the South.

We are endlessly grateful to our volunteers and donors who make forest protection on our public lands possible.

We hope you enjoy the slideshow below.