Wild South Board member Lee Hilliard leads the charge on Thompson Creek in winter, 2017.

Chinese privet control on Thompson Creek, Sipsey Wilderness (AL)

Saturday, December 9 and 16

8:30 a.m. at the Wild South office (552 Lawrence Street, Moulton, Alabama) or 9:15 a.m. at the Thompson Creek trailhead

Sign up at janice@wildsouth.org or 256-974-6166.  Please specify which date you are signing up for.

Our volunteer workday in Sipsey Wilderness that was scheduled for Nov. 18 was postponed because of high winds.  Let’s try again!  Chinese privet is the most threatening non-native invasive plant species in the Sipsey Wilderness.  This begins our sixth year of Chinese privet control.

December 9:  The forecast for Dec. 9 is sunny and 45 degrees!  That is perfect privet-pulling weather

Since this is the first privet workday of the season, we will plan to hike in on the Thompson Creek Trail (#206) and check out hotspots of Chinese privet we have dealt with in the past and pull up what is sprouting there.  We probably will not make it all the way to Ship Rock (where we left off last spring) so this hike will most likely be less than 6 miles roundtrip.  Be sure to read “For Both Days” below.

December 16: Our workday will begin at the Thompson Creek trailhead on the western side of the Sipsey Wilderness.  The group will hike in on Thompson Creek Trail (#206) and go all the way to the confluence with Hubbard Creek, which is about 3 miles.  We will carry all our hand tools.

For both days:

Privet control is physically demanding, dirty, strenuous work.  Within the approximately 6-mile roundtrip hike (less on Dec. 9), there will be a lot of bending, stooping, pulling by hand and with tools, and carrying large bundles of privet up out of the floodplain.

As you’ll see by the photos in the link below, there is always time for exploration on our workdays!

Bring a small backpack with lunch, snacks, plenty of drinking water (or water filter); work gloves; a hardhat if you have one.

Wear clothes that are comfortable for hiking, appropriate for the weather, long pants, closed-toe sturdy boots.

We will provide tools, but if you have loppers or hand-pruners, please bring them.  We also provide hardhats and safety glasses for those who do not bring their own.

Dogs are not allowed on Wild South work projects.

After signing up, meet the group at the Wild South office or at the trailhead at the times above.  Please let us know if you will meet us at the trailhead and include a phone number in your e-mail.

Click HERE to see photos from a privet workday last January.

Thanks, priveteers!

Wild South’s Helping Hands Program is funded in part by our generous individual donors and in part by a matching grant from The National Forest Foundation.