Over 25 years ago a handful of citizens became outraged when the U.S. Forest Service ordered the clear-cutting of Indian Tomb Hollow, a sacred historical site located on  public property in the Bankhead National Forest.  These citizens founded the Bankhead Monitor, a non-profit, educational conservation group that vowed to expose the abuse of public properties across our state.  Our homegrown brand of activism brought results.  Our unique strategies were so successful that they have been copied across the United States by other citizens groups who are standing up in defense of their own backyards.

As a way of chronicling our efforts and extending outreach to the public, The Bankhead Monitor was published and distributed. Over time, this publication became Wild Alabama and then Wild South magazine. Eventually, technology and electronic communications overcame the print issues. Our Wild South office has a limited amount of printed back issues that we are opening up for purchase to the general public. Although we do not have enough to distribute every back issue, we have 26 issues that we have multitudes of printings that we are allowing the public to purchase, in bulk, for a modest price of $100. Magazines will be shipped to you via media mail (shipping cost $10) or you can make arrangements to pick them up in our Alabama office.

Please see our Flicker album to view the cover scan of each magazine. If you would like to view the contents page, please email kim@wildsouth.org

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