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Restoration Monitoring Tour

Bankhead National Forest

Wild South, the Bankhead Liaison Panel and the Bankhead District of the US Forest Service will be conducting this year’s first restoration monitoring tour on Wednesday, March 27.  As always, the public is invited to join our restoration monitoring team for this field tour of several different monitoring sites in the Bankhead National Forest to view the results of various Forest Service management activities.  This is a good opportunity to learn about restoration work on the Bankhead and participate in the team’s discussions of goals, operations and outcomes.

If you would like to join us, we’ll be meeting at the Bankhead Ranger District office   north of  Double Springs on Highway 33 at 9:00 AM and departing for the field tour by about 9:15.  Pack your lunch and bring drinking water, since this is an all day undertaking, though we usually finish up by about 3-3:30.  Dress for the field, which means long pants and sturdy shoes or boots to handle uneven terrain and occasional thick brush.  Be advised there may be a few ticks out, so be prepared with repellent.

If you plan on attending, please call our Alabama office at 256-974-6166 or email Mark  by Tuesday afternoon, so that we’ll know to expect you and not leave without you.

View the agenda for the field tour  here.

Review our reference list of  monitoring sites  here.

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