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There’s trail work to be done in the Sipsey Wilderness!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

8:30 a.m.

Warrior Mountains Trading Company


The Sipsey Wilderness is located within the Bankhead National Forest in northwest Alabama.  On this project, we will be working in partnership with UAB’s Outdoor Pursuits group, finishing up the brushing out of Sipsey Wilderness trail 224, one of the Wilderness horse trails.  Plan to meet us either at the Warrior Mountain Trading Post at 8:30 AM or at the Borden trailhead on Bunyan Hill Road by 9:00 AM.

Wild South provides tools and protective gear such as hardhats.

Bring a backpack with lunch, snacks, lots of drinking water, and work gloves.   If  you have a hardhat, please bring it. We will likely be working until mid-afternoon.

Wear sturdy boots or shoes with closed toes, hiking clothes layered for the weather.

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