12-21-13 privet 206 019

Some of the crew from our December work day on Thompson Creek

Helping Hands Volunteer Workday

Saturday, January 18

Sipsey Wilderness (Bankhead National Forest, Alabama)

Wild South office

8:30 a.m.

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Privet-pulling on Thompson Creek (Trail #206) continues!  After meeting at the Wild South office at 8:30 a.m. (or at the trailhead at 9:20 if that’s more convenient), we will drive to the Thompson Creek trailhead on the far western side of the Sipsey Wilderness and hike in 2.75+ miles to the confluence of Thompson and Hubbard Creeks, the headwaters of the Sipsey Fork.  There we will employ all the weed wrenches, saws, loppers, pulaskis and enthusiasm we carried in with us and will experience the satisfaction that comes from rooting this terribly invasive non-native plant species out of the ground.  12-21-13 privet 206 002

Privet-pulling is physically demanding work.  The hike in and out will be over 5 miles roundtrip on a well-maintained trail carrying all personal gear and tools.  All work in the Sipsey Wilderness must be performed with hand tools only.

Tools and hardhats are provided.


  • a backpack with lunch, snacks, plenty of drinking water
  • work gloves
  • hardhat if you have one
  • hand pruners, loppers if you have them and they are in good working order (sometimes what we have is not enough)
  • rain gear if rain is in the forecast



  • clothing suitable for hiking and weather12-21-13 privet 206 018
  • sturdy boots with good tread
  • long pants
  • long sleeves


After we return to the Wild South office in the afternoon, stick around for our post-privet get-together!  There will be light food and drinks and merriment!

Also, we hope to see everyone at our annual Open House on Friday, January 17!  Why not make it a Wild South weekend?

Wild South’s Helping Hands Program is made possible by donations from our individual donors, by a grant from The National Forest Foundation, by a grant from the General Fund of the Walker Area Community Foundation, and by a grant from Legacy.

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