Privet pulling on 206 12-15-12 019

Helping Hands Volunteer Work Day

Sipsey Wilderness

Saturday, January 19, 2013

8:30 a.m. at the Wild South office

Privet pulling on Thompson Creek Trail (#206)

Trail clearing on the Lookout Trail (#203)

Sign up at

It’s still winter and there’s still privet.  That means more privet pulling on Thompson Creek Trail!  There is also a blockage or two on Trail #203 that require crosscutting, so if enough sawyers sign up a team will be sent there.

This is a special work day – Wild South staff from Asheville, North Carolina will be joining us!

Privet pulling on 206:  Only hand tools are allowed in wilderness.  For privet eradication, we use weed wrenches, pulaskis and saws. The hike in to the work site is about 1.5 miles.

All tools are provided.

Bring a backpack with lunch, snacks, drinking water; work gloves; a hard hat if you have one.

Wear clothes that are layered for comfort, bring rain gear if rain is in the forecast.  For both privet pullers and sawyers, long pants, long sleeves and sturdy boots that protect feet from sharp and hacking tools are strongly recommended.

After signing up, meet the crew at the Wild South office at 11312 AL Highway 33, Moulton, AL, intersection of Highways 33 and 36 at 8:30 a.m..  Or let us know if you prefer to meet us at the trailhead.

Photos from our Dec. 15 work day:

Wild South’s Helping Hands volunteer program is funded by the generosity of our individual donors, by a grant from The National Forest Foundation, and by a grant from the General Fund of the Walker Area Community Foundation.

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