Wild South supports communities that love their shared lands!  Without these lands few of us would have access to the experiences Nature provides.  These places can be preserved if we work together!

Get in the woods however you can. When our kids were small, getting out at all was a challenge.  Now it’s a little easier, and we clean up not only after ourselves but after others too.  I know that every time I’ve enjoyed the outdoors it was because someone was there before me to protect and care for the place.

More than ever before our public lands exist on the efforts of volunteers and citizen scientists.  These invested communities can do so much more with your support.  I am continually amazed by all the accomplishments — tons of trash removed, trails kept safe, endangered species protected, and perhaps my favorite: kids in the woods learning to love Nature.

Kevin Massey
Executive Director
Wild South

Stewardship in Linville Gorge Wilderness

Community Cleanup at Wiseman’s View

Recovering the Linville Gorge Trail

Balloons Help Protect Endangered Plants

Stewardship in Sipsey Wilderness

Removing Invasive Plant Species

Outings in the Bankhead National Forest

Hike-it-Baby Birmingham Visits Sipsey Wilderness

Winter Hikes in Bankhead National Forest

Don’t let your butterflies flutter by…

We are excited that the Alabama Butterfly Atlas website is now up and running! Wild South was instrumental in getting this project off the ground.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, May 9 Trashy Tuesdays Service Project

Friday, May 12 Southern Exposure Film Screening

Join us in protecting the South’s public lands!