kayahThoughts from a Wilderness Ranger

Kayah Gaydish is our AMAZING Wild South Wilderness Ranger in NC, patrolling and stewarding the Linville Gorge Wilderness Area. She leads volunteer stewards to get their boots-on-the-ground, to get dirty, and to protect some of the most beautiful wild places you’ll ever see !

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“Today was another beautiful day in North Carolina’s Linville Gorge Wilderness. Although the highly invasive Princess Tree seeds have been sprouting lately, they don’t stand a chance of survival with Wild South ranger and volunteers removing them!”

I don’t imagine I will ever get tired of Linville Gorge Wilderness. Anyone who has spent anytime in the woods with me knows that I stop a LOT to look at plants and to listen to the birds. Today I was lucky enough to have a dear friend join me in the pulling of recently sprouted Princess Trees. He stops to look and listen as much as I do, so obviously we didn’t cover a ton of miles. We did get some good work done, saw a lot of beautiful and tasty plants, heard some delightful bird songs, and laughed at a lot of silly things. I’m so thankful for Wild places, my life, and good old Wild friends!”

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