What a busy month in the Tennessee woods!

During the month of July, Wild South/TN Wild supporters in united to hike, swim, snorkel, lobby, serve and spread their love for the wild!
Dozens of trail miles were hiked in the Cherokee NF, rivers were explored to study hellbender salamanders and other wildlife, and hundreds of hours of volunteer time was undertaken to on behalf of our public lands in the South.
To name a few:

  • Volunteer snorkeled for Hellbender salamanders in the Hiwasee River to educate on the special wildlife
  • Hikers took to the Cherokee National Forest to witness the beauty of the proposed 20,0o0 acres of new wilderness in TN
  • Volunteers took to Riverbend and Bonnaroo festivals, raising awareness and thousands of hand-written postcards (24lbs worth) in support
  • Volunteers wrote Letters to the Editor and spent hours contacting representatives to show support for TN Wild
    -AND More….

You can join up for ACTION today – contact ben@wildsouth.org.

TN Wild Ezine july 2013