A crucial piece of your education as a Volunteer Wilderness Ranger is the Forest Service training.  All rangers who plan to work in the Cheaha and/or Dugger Mountain Wilderness areas must attend in person.

Forest Service training will include

  • Use of the two-way radios
  • Safety Procedures
  • VWR Job Hazard Analysis
  • Wilderness Regulations
  • Emergency Procedures, including search and rescue

Plan to spend most of the day at this training.  Bring lunch and snacks.

This will be your first-hand interface with the Forest Service.  As a Volunteer Wilderness Ranger, you are required to follow certain agency procedures in the performance of your ranger duties.  Again, attendance is mandatory to complete overall ranger training.

If you have any questions or want to sign up for the Shoal Creek training for Cheaha and Dugger Mountain rangers, please contact us.


Wild South’s Volunteer Wilderness Ranger Program is funded by our individual donors and by a grant from the National Forest Foundation, with support from the Midland Radio Corporation.