Volunteer Rangers Capture Beauty in Cheaha Wilderness


It’s not all grunt work and sweat when our Volunteer Wilderness Rangers are out on patrol. They also capture the beauty and essence of our public lands through visual images. Take a look at these photographs that one volunteer ranger came home with after a recent patrol in Cheaha Wilderness.



High Falls is located on the south end of Cheaha Wilderness. A short walk from the trailhead and you are greeted with a series of spectacular water falls.


Our volunteers never miss an opportunity to take a break and soak in their surroundings.

A monarch caterpillar feeds on milkweed, ready for it’s next phase of life.

Milkweed buds ready to burst open.

Wood sorrel is a dainty little ground cover.

Cheaha’s little secret, an Indian Pink that expresses itself as white, not yellow.

Clematis sp., another stunning, trailing ground cover.