Wild South volunteers on Corinth glade in October, 2017 with Forest Service staff

Volunteer Workday on Corinth glade in the Bankhead National Forest

Saturday, March, 2018

Meet at the Wild South office in downtown Moulton in time to depart at 8:30 a.m., or meet the group at the Corinth glade on Winston County Road 57 at 9:15 a.m.

Sign up at janice@wildsouth.org or 256-974-6166. When signing up, indicate your meet-up place preference and include your phone number.

Click HERE to see photos of our Corinth glade workday last October.

A glade is a natural area that is characterized by openness, thin soils, rockiness, herbaceous vegetation, scattered shrubs and patches of trees.  Certain types of plants are found only in the glade eco-system.

The glade in the Corinth area of the Bankhead National Forest is under restoration by the Bankhead District of the Forest Service and Wild South is partnering in the project.  Restoration involves removing pine and cedar trees and Chinese privet that has grown in the glade and hauling woody debris into the surrounding forest.

Botanist Kevin England will be on site to teach about the research that is being done on the glade and about the unique plants that grow there.

The glade is fairly flat and is easily accessed from the road.  Be prepared for slippery rocks if it has rained and very little shade.

The glade is located a short distance north of the entrance to Corinth Recreation Area east of Double Springs.


  • drinking water, snacks, lunch (no need to pack a backpack since parking is close-by)
  • work gloves
  • tools if you have them:  hand-pruners, loppers, folding or bow saw (tools will also be provided)
  • bandana
  • sun protection

Wear clothing appropriate for the weather.  Long pants, long sleeves, a hat, sturdy closed-toe boots or sneakers are recommended.

After signing up, meet at the Wild South office at 8:30 if you wish to carpool.  Otherwise, meet at the Corinth glade at 9:15.  Directions to both locations are in the links above.

There will be a short hike from the glade into the adjoining forest for those who would like to explore the area.

E-mail or call us if you have questions or wish to sign up.

Wild South’s Helping Hands volunteer program is funded by our individual donors and by a matching grant from The National Forest Foundation.