Helping Hands Volunteer Workday

Trail maintenance on Sipsey Wilderness Trail 207

Saturday, April 15

8:30 a.m.

at the the Wild South office, 552 Lawrence Street, Moulton, AL

Sign up at or 256-974-6166

We will walk trail as a through-hike to trim out encroaching vegetation, clear blockages caused by blow-downs, and eliminate tall stobs (cut-off saplings) left along the trail by vandals.

Distance will be approximately 6 miles from the Gum Pond Trailhead to the Borden Creek Trailhead.

This will be a physically demanding workday as we must hike 6 miles carrying all tools while performing trail maintenance as we go.

After departing the Wild South office in downtown Moulton, we will drive to the  Gum Pond trailhead (Trail 208) on the Gum Pond Motorway, which is where we will begin our hike down Trail 207 to Borden Creek.

If it’s more convenient to meet the crew at the trailhead at 9:00 a.m. instead of at the office in Moulton, please let us know.

All tools will be provided, but feel free to bring your own loppers, pruners, hand saws and hard hat if you want.

Be prepared for

  • a 6 mile hike
  • trimming blackberry thickets
  • ticks (read our recommendation below)
  • weather (watch the forecast)

Dogs are not allowed on work projects.


  • a small backpack with lunch, snacks, plenty of drinking water
  • a hard hat if you have one (we’ve got one for you if you don’t)
  • good, sturdy work gloves
  • Epi-pen if severe reaction to insect stings is an issue


Ticks:  The most effective protection against tick-borne diseases is the type of permethrin product that is sprayed on clothing.  Permanone (by Repel) and Sawyers are a couple of brands.  Spray on clothing (not skin) at least 4 hours before wearing (that) clothing.  It has no scent whatsoever and it works.

Wild South’s Helping Hands Volunteer Program is made possible by the support of our generous donors and by a grant from the Community Fund of the Walker Area Community Foundation.

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