Privet Matt

Volunteer workday in Sipsey Wilderness

Privet-pulling on Thompson Creek

Saturday, March 19, 2016

8:30 a.m. at the Wild South office 552 Lawrence Street, Moulton, Alabama

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Chinese privet is the most threatening non-native invasive plant species in the Sipsey Wilderness.  From late fall to early spring, privet control is the main focus of Wild South’s volunteer work days.

All tools are provided.

Bring a backpack with

  • lunch, snacks and drinking water
  • work gloves
  • a hardhat if you have one (we’ve got one for you if you don’t)
  • bandana or small towel for drying feet after creek crossing (if shoes are removed)


We will hike in from Thompson Creek trailhead (Trail 206) for 2 miles then cross the creek to begin work downstream on the west side where we left off in February.  This is a strenuous, physically demanding activity with lots of kneeling, stooping, bending and p-u-u-u-l-ling.  Participants must be capable of keeping a steady hiking pace while carrying tools.  Privet crossing Thompson Matt

Dress in layers for the weather and for physical labor:  Long sleeves and pants to protect against briars and sharp tools; sturdy, closed-toe boots suitable for hiking and wetness.  Crossing Thompson Creek this time of year can be challenging because of higher water levels in winter.  Most of us choose to remove our shoes to cross.

After signing up, meet at the Wild South office at 552 Lawrence Street, Moulton, Alabama (see map link above) at 8:30 a.m.  If meeting at the trailhead works better for you, let us know when you sign up.

Wild South’s Helping Hands volunteer program is funded in part by a matching grant from The National Forest Foundation, a grant from the Community Fund of the Walker Area Community Foundation, a grant from The Munson Foundation, and by the generosity of indivudual donors.

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