This heritage is under threat. Every year, thousands of acres of beautiful bottomlands are cut over, drained, and turned into pine plantations. Every year, new roads are punched through wild places inviting poachers and litter. Every year, agencies entrusted to protect our forests and wildlife fall short as budgets dwindle and our resources are sold off to the highest bidder.

But….every year Wild South joins with thousands of people all across the South to stand up for our heritage, defend our forests, protect our rivers and streams, and ensure that every generation has a place to hunt, fish, and connect with nature.

Wild South has a 20 year track record and is one of the most successful organizations of its kind. That’s because people like you care enough to get involved and care enough to give.

Donate today and help us protect the places you love.

If you give right now your donation will go directly to fund the grassroots effort to protect the beloved Noxubee Wildlife Refuge.

Over the past few years those who visit the Refuge to admire its beauty and abundant wildlfie have seen roads widen and forest habitats logged over.  Adding insult to injury, the Fish & Wildlfe Service is now considering expanding these abusive practices.

Donate today to help us protect the Noxubee’s wildlife.