Wild South hikers on Sougahoagdee Falls hike in April


Wild South’s next hike in the Bankhead National Forest will be

Saturday, May 26

9:00 a.m. at the Wild South office in Moulton, Alabama at 552 Lawrence Street

Sign up at janice@wildsouth.org or 256-974-6166. Advance registration is required in order to limit group size.  Group size is strictly limited to 10.

Braziel Creek via Sipsey Wilderness Trail 207

Leader:  Janice Barrett

Distance:  5 miles roundtrip

Level of Challenge:  Fairly Challenging (mainly due to distance, creek crossings, potential for heat, and the 1/2 mile uphill climb out of the canyon back to the trailhead)

The hike will begin at the Borden Creek Trailhead on Bunyan Hill Road in the eastern portion of the Sipsey Wilderness and proceed from Borden Creek onto Trail 207.  After crossing Borden Creek, the hike will continue upstream on 207, following  Braziel Creek for about another 1.75 miles.  At the turnaround point, we will cross Braziel Creek and hike downstream on the opposite side.

Trail 207 is maintained, rocky, rooty and rough.  The trail on the opposite side is not maintained and is rocky, rooty and rougher.  There is gentle elevation change until the last 1/2 mile which is uphill all the way.

Bring a daypack with lunch, snacks, and plenty of drinking water

Be prepared by dressing for the weather.

Footwear should be sturdy and protective with good tread for traction on steep slopes, uneven footing and slick rocks.  There will be two creek crossings.

There will be ticks.  We recommend Permanone or Sawyer’s, the kind of repellent that you spray on your clothes and not on your skin.  It really works.  Spray clothing about 4 hours in advance so it has time to dry.   The best part is that it has no scent!

Dogs are not permitted on this hike.

After signing up, meet the group at 9:00 a.m. at the Wild South office (see map link above).  If it makes more sense for you to meet the group at the Borden Creek trailhead, please let us know when signing up and also include your phone number.

Wild South hikes are free of charge and are are part of Wild South’s Outreach and Education Program, which is supported entirely by individual donations.  There will be a donation bucket on the picnic table at the Wild South office for those who wish to donate to the program.  Or click here to donate online.  Thank you for your support!