Hike in the Kinlock Historic District to Kinlock Shelter and Kinlock Falls

Friday, August 11, 2017

9:00 a.m. at the Wild South office, 552 Lawrence Street, Moulton, Alabama

Sign up at janice@wildsouth.org or 256-974-6166.  Group size is limited and advance sign-up is required.

Leader:  Janice Barrett

Distance: 1 mile roundtrip to Kinlock Shelter, then .5 mile or less roundtrip on Hubbard Creek (Kinlock Falls).

Level of challenge:  Moderate.  The most challenging part of this hike is the very brief, steep rocky descent into the canyon.

All ages welcome

This 2-part outing will begin on Kinlock Road on the far western edge of the Sipsey Wilderness in the Kinlock Historic District, which was determined eligible for the National Register of Historic Places in 2000 because of its enormously significant Native American, pioneer and Civil War history. Kinlock Shelter is a huge rock shelter that is a sacred site for Native Americans. Habitation dates from 8,000 to 10,000 years ago.
After the shelter, we will drive a mile back down to Hubbard Creek, which we will have crossed on the way up, have lunch and explore this beautiful, deep-shaded stream and Kinlock Falls.

Be prepared for rough trail, slippery rocks, summer heat, ticks, stinging insects.

Footwear must be sturdy and protective with reliable tread for slick rocks and creekbeds (for those who want to wade in the creek!).

Bring a backpack with lunch, snack and PLENTY OF DRINKING WATER.  A walking stick helps with creek crossings.

Bring Epi-Pen if needed for severe reaction to insect bites or stings

DOGS ON WILD SOUTH HIKES: Well-behaved, socialized, non-threatening dogs may come on Wild South hikes but must be leashed at all times.

Anti-TICK protection. Here is our recommendation: To guard against ticks, we recommend permethrin products that you spray on your clothes, not on skin, such as Permanone by Repel or Sawyers. This stuff needs to dry on your clothes for 4 hours before you put them on. It has no smell and it really works, unlike most things.

Wild South hikes are free of charge because we want people to get out there and get to know their forest! There will be a donation bucket on the picnic table in the Wild South office. All donations directly support our programs. Thank you for your support!

To stay informed about hikes, volunteer opportunities and advocacy, get on our e-mail list by sending a message to janice@wildsouth.org.