During the school year, Wild South provides a wide range of activities focusing on “wild lives and wild things”. From school presentations, to special community events, Wild South’s Wild Things! programs stress up close contact with live animals along with other wildlife/outdoor educational and enjoyable experiences for all ages. Close encounters and expert presenters will put emphasis on wild lives and wild things and their role in the natural world.


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Educational opportunities now offered to school children and groups include:

Wolf Tales

One of the favorites for both children and adults involves the opportunity to visit with live wolves and help separate all ages from the “big bad wolf myth”. Naturalist Rob Gudger and his wolves. This program features several wolves, one of our country’s most misunderstood mammals. Rob and his wolves  provide informative, entertaining and educational presentations throughout Western North Carolina. Rob is one of our most requested presenters.


Birds of Prey

Often overlooked and misunderstood regarding their role in the balance of nature, the importance of “raptors” is emphasized in several presentation to help develop awareness of the value of these birds to our ecosystems. Presenters include “Save Our American Raptors“,Doris Mager the “Eagle Lady” and Michale Skinner of Balsam Mountian Trust.  Each of these presenters bring their feathered friends for a little high flying fun.


World of Wildlife 

Wildlife Warrior Steve O’Neil works as naturalist and outdoor educator at Earthshine Mountain Lodge in Lake Toxaway, NC. His program topics include reptiles, the Eastern Box Turtle, snakes, animal adaptations and habitats and are designed to supplement the science curriculum of NC public schools. Steve is an incredibale advocate for wild animlas and his presentations will have you thinking diffrently about the things that creep, crawl, and slither.


Understanding Black Bears

Expert presenters share insights and the value of “our” black bears as iconic symbols of living in Western North Carolina. Becoming “bear aware” and understanding the nature of these gentle giants of the wild kingdom will be stressed. Cooperation with other organizations who value black bears is encouraged. Programs are led by  Bill Lea and Kate Marshall. Bill is not only a well known bear expert in Western North Carolina but also an outstanding nature photographer. Kate, a professional videographer and photographer, has been tracking black bears for over a decade, documenting them in their natural habitat including the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.


Cherokee Animal Stories

The unique value of wildlife in the Cherokee culture is presented in stories and experiences shared by Native Americans in this captivating and entertaining presentation. Freeman Owle, a Cherokee storyteller and hsitorian introduces all those who listen to the wonderul stories of the Cherokee and their connection with the wild.


In addition, naturalists and other wildlife experts affiliated with Wild South are available to  provide activities to get individuals directly connected with nature in the outdoors.

All of these programs are offered to develop a better awareness of wildlife and are structured to meet the needs of schools or other groups. Through these presentations, Wild South hopes to bring individuals closer to nature and instill the value of preserving our environment.

For more information please contact us and we will assist schools and other organizations in scheduling and coordinating expert presenters who can provide up close and informative presentations for all ages.

A limited amount of funding for events during the school year is available for both schools and organizations. These resources are made possible by friends of Mountain Wildlife Days and other contributors.

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