D Waldrop

Wildflower hike on Thompson Creek (Trail #206)

Sipey Wilderness, Bankhead National Forest (Alabama)

Saturday, April 12

Warrior Mountains Trading Company

9:00 a.m.


Leader:  Grant Posey

Distance:  5 miles roundtrip

Rating:  Moderate

All ages

This hike will begin at the Thompson Creek trailhead at the end of Road 208 on the western side of the Sipsey Wilderness.  Proceeding downstream on trail #206, hikers will end up at Ship Rock and the Sipsey Fork.  This is a good “turn around” hike for those who don’t care to go the whole distance.

Thompson Creek is famous for its botanical diversity, and springtime is showtime!  There is a 10-person group size limit in the Sipsey Wilderness, so sign up quick!

Terrain:  The trail is well traveled and easy to follow, with little change in elevation.  There are a few narrow, shallow creek crossings, with White Oak Branch being the widest and deepest.

Bring:  A backpack with lunch, snacks, drinking water.

Wear:  Clothing comfortable for hiking and appropriately layered for weather, including rain gear is rain is in the forecast.  Shoes need to be sturdy with good tread for slippery rocks and muddy, steep creek banks.

Meet-up:  Place and time above.  Park on the south end of the building and come into the store.  Meet Grant at the Wild South picnic table toward the back of the store.

Wild South hikes are free of charge, but your love offering in the donation bucket on the picnic table will be gratefully received!