your power.

Your Power.

You have the power to protect your public lands. You can vote for those politicians who take pride in their nation's forests. You can participate in land management decisions. You can volunteer and share responsibility for the practical needs of your favorite places. You can donate to organizations that make public lands possible. You are the future of public lands, and Wild South is here to help you discover and use that power.

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How to get involved

The future of public lands depends on public participation. Give back to the places you love by supporting Wild South! Then join the growing network of individuals working to ensure the sustainable future of wild places!


Make a difference. For only $15 a month you can support a week of volunteer service on National Forest.

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Connect with your community and National Forest in a whole new way by volunteering in your favorite places.

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“[Conservationists] need to keep steadily in mind the fact that the [communities] who live in the neighborhood of the forest preserves are the [people] who in the last resort will determine whether or not these preserves are to be permanent.”

- Theodore Roosevelt,
Outdoor Pastimes of an American Hunter